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The male prods him away from the door and the student lands a swinging elbow on the teacher’s chest.He was taken to the office, but the school system will not allow anything to be done.I do not have any statements on record, but those I talked to seemed surprised and outraged by what I was describing in the school system.Let me just say, I was surprised by what was described to me as well, but not in a good way.The second destructive policy EBR has implemented is that children have no responsibility for making their grades or passing their classes.Teachers must do everything they can push, pull or drag kids to pass their classes.Our teachers are under siege, from all quarters, and only a few on the breaking edge (and perhaps breaking point) are able to speak out – even anonymously.As part of my investigation I spoke to and corresponded with numerous teachers from many different schools, teaching a wide variety of subjects.

It is an issue in that the fun and creativity of planning lessons and activities has been sucked right out of teaching. Do teachers bear more of the burden in ensuring kids make the grades and pass than students because of policies and counseling directed to ensure no students fail subjects or have you seen no difference lately in how your administrators monitor the grades you assign your students Have you been a victim of violence or verbal death threats from students that you feel were not addressed seriously enough or have you seen/witnessed other teachers suffer physical or psychological abuse from students and if so, is this a more recent escalation? I am only in my mid-50s and planned to teach for 30 years, but I knew I would probably have a heart attack, get beaten up by a 16 year old trying to break up a fight, or have my self-esteem chewed up by a system of overpaid jackasses who clearly have no idea what the teaching climate is like in a public school system.That was 10 days ago, so I’m pretty sure I will be getting no call or explanation.I also reached out and contacted the EBR school board to discuss this matter.This week a teacher tried to discipline a student disturbing class, he refused to leave class when asked and then blurted out, “I’m gonna bring a gun to school and kill all you mutha fuckers”. Most of the time they are handled at the school level.He went to the office and dropped out before “discipline” (joke) could reach him…NOTE: DO NOT MENTION ME OR THE SCHOOL…I’LL KEEP INFO COMING. MICHAEL HAGGEN’S [Deputy Superintendent of Innovation and Reform] EDICT THAT ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN SCHOOL REGARDLESS. It’s when serious matters go to the school board that there is some strange stuff happening.